Video credit: Laurence Ly

In the Hindu and Indian subcontinent philosophies, Kalyug (Kali Yuga) is the fourth and last cycle of the world, before Kali self-destructs in order to rejuvenate.

Known as the Dark Age, Kalyug refers to a period of time when the resources of the earth are depleted and where human beings are driven by fear, scarcity, and the desire to dominate. In this period, we move away from a virtuous life and cause extensive harm and destruction to the earth, to others, to ourselves.

At a time when we are living through an unparalleled environmental crisis, with increased racial tensions and anti-immigrant sentiments, and where there have been ongoing assaults on the existence and well-being of LGBTQ+ communities, KALYUG: A QUEER CABARET IN THE AGE OF DARKNESS, brings together a generation of emerging queer and trans Asian artists to speak their truths, to shed their light, to cast spells of goodness in dark times.

KALYUG: A QUEER CABARET IN THE AGE OF DARKNESS, presented at Festival Accès Asie 2019, is curated and hosted by Kama La Mackerel and features a host of artists who are LGBTQ+ immigrants and/or refugees working in poetry, storytelling, spoken word, music and dance.

// The Balcony //
// Jess Tran //
// Seckin Sinar //
// Naya Salamé //
// Shin Lin //
// Yassi Vile //
// Laila Gulabi //