Kama La Mackerel is a Tio’tia:ke/Montreal-based community organizer, movement builder, writer, poet, story-teller, curator and multi-disciplinary conceptual artist whose work focusses on narration and cultural production as modes of anti-colonial resistance. The medium of Kama’s work ranges from performance to textiles, from story-telling to print, from poetry to photography and film.

Kama’s current project, From Thick Skin to Femme Armour, seeks to visibilize and honour trans femme of colour resistance across history and in contemporary everyday life. Kama is the co-founder of the Qouleur Festival, an annual arts festival and healing space that celebrates the art and lives of queer and trans people of colour in Montreal, and is also the founder and hostess of GENDER B(L)ENDER, Montreal’s unique monthly queer open stage. Curator of Montreal’s annual Self-Love Cabaret: l’amour se conjugue à la première personne (2013-15), résistance//résidence (2012) and co-curator of Home Invasion: Queers Shaking the Foundations of All White Houses, Kama dedicates their life to creating arts and healing spaces for queer and trans people of colour.

Kama was born in Mauritius and first migrated to India as a young adult before moving to Tio’tia:ke, on colonized Kanien’kehá:ka​ territory (aka Montréal, Canada) in September 2011.

A femme supreme who is haunted by the ocean, Kama is very actively involved in different grassroots social justice movements and organizing around anti-racism, migrant justice, gender justice and trans mobilization. Kama also runs workshops, gives talks and writes about love, spirituality, healing, colonial history and trans womanhood, amongst others!

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