Ongoing Projects

An initiative that began in May 2013, with the support of Café L’Artère, Coopérative de Solidarité, GENDER B(L)ENDER is Montréal’s only queer open stage! The basis is fairly simple: create a safe(r) open stage where queer artists can freely explore their craft of performance… (read more)

“From Thick Skin to Femme Armour,” in my ongoing project that seeks to visibilize and honour the resistance and resilience of transfemmes of colour through history and across generations as well as in contemporary everyday life. I use the figure of the femme amour as a literal, figurative, magical, spiritual, aesthetic, and political trope of resistance throughout this series. This project is comprised of a multiplicity of sculptures/outfits/installations, a photography project, two videos installations, a 30-mins performance set, and a series of articles, talks and collaborative workshops… (read more)