“résistance//résidence” was an evening of queer art and performances, curated and hosted by Kama La Mackerel, with and by queer people of color in Montréal, and presented as part of Radical Queer Semaine.

With the ardent desire to create an artistic space where battles, failures and victories can be expressed, alongside desires and dreams of decolonization, narratives of migration, nostalgia and demystification of the nation,”résistance//résidence” showcased artists who had to rethink their queer sense of belonging in light of racialized experiences. Presented as the official performance night of Radical Queer Semaine, “résistance//résidence,” also represented a critical stance on the dominant whiteness of radical queer organizing in Montreal.

résistance//résidence was presented on March 28th, 2013 and featured Montreal-based QPOC artists:
– Prathna Lor
– Lady Sin Trayda
– Hua Li
– Zara Ahmed