Home Invasion: Queers Shaking the Foundations of All White Houses

Co-curated with Kai Cheng Thom aka Lady Sin Trayda, Home Invasion: Queers Shaking the Foundations of All White Houses was a performance night with Indigenous and queer and trans artists of colour based in Halifax, NS. This event was held at The Khyber Centre for the Arts in July 2015, and was made possible thanks to the support of the Robert’s Street Social Centre.

On June 24, 2015, Jennicet Guttiérez, an undocumented transwoman of colour and LGBT immigration activist interrupted President Obama during the reception he hosted at the White House to observe LGBT pride month. Guittérez asked President Obama for the immediate release of incarcerated LGBT migrants and for an end to deportations of LGBT immigrants. President Obama reacted by saying: “Hey, you’re in my house…” and proceeded to say that it was rude for someone to interrupt the host of a party. The president then had Guittiérez escorted outside of the White House.

Home Invasion is a response to the white-washing of queer movements worldwide!

Despite the thick layers of assimilationist foundation that have been applied to the face of queer history, trans women and people of colour have been present since the very beginning. It was a trans woman of colour who threw the first stone that started the Stonewall Riots, it was trans women of colour who started the movement in the 60s and were in the front-lines being beaten by cops, and yet, it is trans women of colour who continue to be exploited, marginalized, mocked and ridiculed, despite so-called advancements for LGBT rights such as marriage and military service.

But you know what? Sometimes, when you’re not invited to a party, you just have to crash someone’s house!

Hosted and featuring Montreal-based femme supremes, Kai Cheng Thom aka Lady Sin Trayda and Kama La Mackerel, Home Invasion is a celebration of voices that are not invited to the party! Home Invasion is an unapologetic expression of queer and trans identities at which only the unrespectable are welcome! Political performances of drag, burlesque, spoken word, story telling, music and genres that defy categorization and stain reputation will provide an evening that might just shake the foundations of all the white houses across Turtle Island!


  • Jade Peek
  • Aliya Jamal
  • Raven Davis
  • El Jones
  • Tino Chiome