– Choreographed piece: “(dé)génération,” presented as part of POMPE: the end of the end, Coop Katacombes, Montréal, QC

– Choreographed and theatre piece: “Mad World and Other Toys,” presented as part of Elisha Lim’s 2013 Calendar Launch and Intergeneration QPOC Live Talkshow, Gladtsone Hotel, Toronto, ON

– Choreographed piece: “Back to Black: the ritual,” presented as part of Faggity Ass Fridays: Cunt Dragula, Royal Phoenix Bar, Montréal, QC

– Host and facilitator: Screening of J. Livingston Paris Is Burning at Café l’Artère, Coopérative de Solidarité, Montréal, QC

– Choreographed piece: “Did I give birth to this monster? Did I just kill it?” presented as part of APOC Cabaret at La Plante, Montréal, QC

– Stand-up comedy: “La Mackerel, Harper and the Pussy” presented as part of Unicorn Heroes on the Wrong Side of the Tracks at Café l’Artère, Coopérative de Solidarité, Montréal, QC

– Host: “Le Cabaret de la Résistance,” presented as part of La Soirée de la Contre-Culture, Café l’Artère, Coopérative de Solidarité, Montréal, QC

– Multimedia performance: “Once there was a sissy…” presented as part of self/lust: a 2-2tpoc performance art show at Studio XX, Montréal, QC

– Choreographed piece: “Hate on me, haters!” presented as part of You’re sexy! You’re cute! Take off your riot suit! at Cabaret Mado, Montréal, QC

– Choreographed piece and interactive installation: “WHAT YOU LOOKING AT?” presented as part of BOUM-CHIX-A-BOUM #14 at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal, QC

– Public performance and interactive installation: “Veuve de la démocracie” presented as part of GENRE DE GRÈVE, Parc Émilie-Gamelin, Montréal, QC